Thursday, September 8, 2011

Repurposed Pouch

'C' was in need of a colour box to store his crayons. I did not want to give him a normal pencil box or a plain plastic box. I wanted something where he could properly store his crayons and easily handle them also. After much brainstorming, I suddenly remembered a pouch which was lying unused for quite sometime and decided to change it according to his needs. Here is original pouch from inside:

 I removed pocket and elastic band and added another band for his crayons.

(Did not have a black band, anyway white is looking good.)


All inside neat and safe. I plan to change its outer maroon piping also, but that will happen some other day. Hope he is able to use it properly.


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  1. I LOVE oil pastels, they are so fun to work with. You did a great job re-purposing!

  2. What a lovely idea



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