Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY Paper Lampshade: Step-by-step - part 1

DIY Paper Lampshade: Step-by-step Tutorial

DIY paper lampshade, Diwali

I had committed to do a blogpost today in ArtsyCraftsymom's blogs collaboration for Diwali and till today morning I was absolutely clueless what was I going to blog about. And then I saw a picture of handmade paper/lanterns exhibition in newspaper, decided to visit the exhibition and purchase some handmade paper just to try something.

I saw handmade hakoba paper there and decided to make a lampshade out of it. I used two sheets of hakoba paper and one sheet of marble print handmade paper for this lamp. This being my first attempt with lampshade making, it was fraught with errors but still managed to make a shade which stands on its own. While making it I was still unsure whether it will come out as I want but despite mistakes I can say result is not disappointing at all. I made a long shade which is approx. 30 inches tall, you can make a smaller version if you want.

Materials used:
Hakoba Paper: 2 sheetse 
Marble print paper: 1 sheet
Wooden sticks: 4

Here is step-by step procedure for those of you interested:

DIY paper lampshade: Step-by-step

Step 1,2: Papers used
Step 3: Cut strips of marble paper and fold in half vertically. Divide hakoba sheets in two pieces each.
Step 4: Glue hakoba on marble strip's one fold, keep other fold standing
Step 5: Similarly glue all strips and hakoba pieces. Do not glue last join.
Step 6: Since my lampshade is quite tall, I glued wooden strips on to the marble strips for strength. If you are making a smaller lamp, you can use cardboard instead of wood.
Step 7: Glue last join also to make a rectangle.
Step 8: Now glue horizonal strips on top as well as bottom. This will help to keep it straight as hakoba paper is a thin paper.
Step 9: A candle lit inside my unfinished lampshade.

Mistakes done: I attached horizontal strips in the end which made them slightly rounded. My advise to those of you trying to make it is please glue horozonal strips before joining vertical strips to hakoba pieces.

I still need to work on it and will be posting it in next post. Till then take care.

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  1. Great idea. Can't wait to see part two :) Prachi

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Prachi, will publish next part in 1-2 days..

  2. Heyy thats such a spot on idea isnt ? I used to gaze at the colorful , bright and vibrant lanterns.. think of the day when I can make something like that too..

    But you are bang on.. You have tried ..see thats more important ..and yes looking forward to the series as you mentioned and the more colorful ones too :)

    Happy Diwali to you and your family :)

    1. Thanks Sangeetha for good words :-)
      I was planning this kind of lantern and a full year went by before I could make it.
      Diwali wishes for you and your family too. May it be a rocking diwali for all of us!!

      Next post is coming soon...

  3. Very attractive lantern 😃, can we get hakoba papers online?

    1. Thanks Hemapriya.

      I purchased it from papertells in Pune. Have not tried online but i am sure somebody must be selling it. Try itsy-bitsy or other online shops.

      Happy Diwali to you and family!!

  4. Simple and elegant. This is a perfect craft for kids for Diwali. Loved it.

    1. Thanks Nidhi, Kids can easily do it with your guidance.

      Happy Diwali!!

  5. What a lovely idea . Though it`s for kids , I going enjoy making one myself for Diwali . thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

  6. I have a question. Are these strong enough to withstand little gusts of winds? Was thinking of putting these outside.

    1. No Sonaa, If used as standing lanterns, these are not that strong for wind. If you hang them, then it can be used outside.

      Sorry for delayed reply, was stuck with a sick son.

  7. You make this look so simple!! I've got to try it! Lovely idea

    1. Thanks Patricia. I love your creativity and sense of design.

  8. Loved ur idea ! We are going to try this! awaiting ur finished product !!

    1. Thank you Sharda! your work is amazing.
      Have still not been able to finish my lantern as my son got sick. Plan to to it in days to come.

  9. Lamp shades are beautiful but how to keep it on the stand?


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