Friday, November 27, 2009

Slippers Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for slippers I had posted earlier.
This time I've used wool felt from an old shawl(wrap/stole) as the top and denim cloth for back. I did not use any wadding because both materials are quite thick and extra layering is not required. In earlier version I had used foam as wadding because top cloth was very light.

Step 1: Draw shape of  feet on a paper and then cut it leaving some margins.(Make slipper slightly bigger than actual size).


Step 2: Now put shape on paper and draw a semicircle like below picture. Semicircle is not a complete semicircle. Right and left sides are slightly different. Please do take care to cut like this otherwise it will not fit properly on other layers. I've specified right sides of both shapes. Please notice these shapes are for left foot. Go through similar process for right foot or invert shapes while cutting cloth. Cut this shape also.

Step 3: Cut cloth for top and bottom layers. (Remember to use two paper shapes for both legs otherwise both slippers will be of same foot). Here I'm showing bottom cloth cutting.

Step 4: Similar to step 3, cut cloth for semicircular shapes. These shapes are also for both feet.


Step5: Now sew all three cuttings as shown. Attach right side of semicircle with right side of other layers. Semicircular shape will need some adjustment according to top layer.

Step 6: Attach border(edging) keeping bigger margin for back side.


Step 7: Now sew on back side by folding inside.

Slippers are ready. Decorate them by your imagination.

(Please overlook printed paper. I always recycle used papers.)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3-Dimensinal picture...........

Shreyash's teacher had asked to submit some art and craft projects for his school magazine. I wondered for some time what to prepare using his skills. Finally selected this picture from his coloring book. We (Shreyash and me) made this picture using pista coverings, green grass leaves, Dal, cloth and cotton. He did finger printing for flowers and pasted all these materials (of course with my help......). Below grass pasted paper-tearing for hiding blue color of sheet. I used a rectangular paper for beak. All this gave a 3D look to picture.
Finally I added border by pasting silver and dark brown paper. His teacher appreciated this work and I was happy that it was actually done by using his skills.

Also painted a Christmas Tree using hand printing. Again Shreyash did this and he was really happy coloring his hands in green. He liked it so much that wanted to keep that painting for home. But then I suggested to submit it in school and make another for home.

In all it was nice experience and best part is Shreyash has also got bitten by this creative bug and wants to do something everyday. Hope I'll be able to keep this firing in him....................


Monday, November 2, 2009

Handmade Slippers

Winter is approaching slowly and I'm readying winter wear. Took out old stock of warm clothing from the closet and put them in sun for few hours. Though i feel we will not be wearing them for another 2-3 weeks but you never know. I believe we all do this weeks before temperature actually falls to low levels(10-11 degree C) as a precautionary measure.

Changing weather brings many viral infections along and  generally kids fall prey easily because they keep touching surfaces everywhere. Shreyash has already got an infection and had high fever three days back. Now better but still coughing.

I made these slippers for him few days back using (again........) some left over pieces and plans to make 2 more pairs so that he can keep his feet warm while playing in house.

This was my first attempt so made a mistake while cutting and had to add some patch on front. We learn from mistakes, so next will be better version of these.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Diwali Celebrations

Stitched this kurta and dhoti for Shreyash. Used left over material from one of my kurtas. Though neckline was a bit bigger for him, he was happy with his dress. He wore it for Lakshmi poojan. I had asked him not to run around because stitched dhoti does not allow it and he happily complied.

I did this Rangoli outside my door for diwali. Also added diyas painted by Shreyash. It came out very well. Hopefully You all would like it.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diwali Preparations.........

Diwali preparations are on... in full steam. Shreyash (my son) painted some diyas (ofcourse with my help) for gifting to his school friends and some for home.