Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thermocol Board and A Pipe Vase

Some time back I made this Thermocol board for hanging some paintings and craft actiivties done by C(Shreyash) in school. Since Shruti's artsy-craftsy theme for this month is Thermocol, I decided to submit it as my entry (I could not think of any thing else actually).

Suitable for kids aged 7-10 years under parental supervision.

Materials Used:
Thermocol Sheet: 2 (1 inch width)
One cotton Fabric for covering sheets
Satin Ribbon
Fevicol or fabric glue
Few straight Pins
Transparent tape

First I joined both sheets using tape. Then spread cloth on one side. Used pins to fix it in place stretching it tightly. Glued Satin ribbon on all four sides. Attached Ribbon loops on top back side to hang it down. I also glued the board to the wall so that it does not move if fan is switched on (for gluing I put Fevicol on the cloth not on the Thermocol, Fevicol burns thermocol if used directly on it).

Now some work for you. We made this vase by coloring a pipe piece. Green was done by C and I just tried to emphasize that curve on it by putting black. I'm not able to figure out how it looks, is it good, bad or ugly. Your comments are welcome.


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