Monday, March 11, 2013

Air Dry Clay Key Chain

I bought a package of air dry clay from an online store along with some plastic modelling tools. Weekend went into trying this new craft(first attempt). Though I wanted white colored clay, I got a terracota one, never mind :-). 

Made these simple shapes to see how I fare and I can say not bad at all. Of course all this was done with help from none other than my fellow bloggers (I can not imagine what people use to do before Internet's rise).

First I tried making shapes without adding water. Shapes were all great but after drying a bit(air dry clay) started to crack and pieces were not sticking together. So I hopped to my dear google, looked for air dry clay and voila, got lots of instructions on how to use it. Tried again, this time added small drops of water and mission was successful. 

 Here is my little angry bird (I know its shape is not very good but still my son is happy with his new key chain).

This is a cute tortoise. It has a story which I am going to tell you in some other post.

And here comes a flower key chain



  1. Good to see you experiment with clay. I made a snail and mushrooms using terracota clay..Not got around to blogging about it! I like the angry bird..nice texture.
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

    1. Thanks Dr. Sonia. I am planning more stuff with that clay...hope it sees days light early:-)

  2. Very simple designs...

    I love the simplicity and use of rich colors.From miniature items please consider something on a big scale...

  3. Wow, that are just the most coolest key chain that I have ever seen! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. beautiful

    hey i have added you on google followers, add my site too......... thanks

  5. Beautiful and pretty items. I like the angry bird.


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