Thursday, April 22, 2010

Papermache Elephant mask

It feels good to be blogging after a lonnnnnggggggg forced break. We shifted to a new house and could not get our trusted Internet connection transfered. So I took a cable broadband connection. But my bad luck, it gave me more panic than comfort. Everytime I wanted to work, it was not working. 3 months have passed and finally now I believe I'll get my old connection by tomorrow.Better late than never.

In the meantime I did lots of craft but that i'll post later. First I'll post my Papermache Elephant. We made it for Shruti's Artsy-Crafty but could not post it on time.

I used paper plates, paper strips, newspaper and diluted Fevicol for doing this. I pasted two pieces of paper plate(cut in half) on both sides of another plate. Rolled one newspaper like trunk and secured it in place with tape. Then we pasted paper strips dipped in diluted adhesive on it. I did two layers and then kept it for drying. After 5-6hrs. I cut two eye shapes on top side. Then we (most of it Shreyash did) painted it. After painting, I pasted wrapping paper as decorations. We can use it as a mask or it can be hung from wall by attaching a thread on the back side.

Swati Shruti is doing great job organising these monthly contests. Kudos to her. I wish her all the best.