Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chubby Little Snowman

Chubby Little Snowman,
had a carrot nose.......

Recently Mr. Snowman visited our home and had his lunch. See how he sat:

'C' had to recite a rhyme in school and needed props for that. I made this chubby snowman with cotton, Newspaper and glue. Added a carrot nose and a hat with scarf (Its cold out here).........


All it took me was 30 mins. I made it all by myself. Conceptualized and then made. Have you ever tried making a snowman?

Edited: I've linked this post to Mindfull-meanderings's December Artsy-Craftsy.

Instructions: Take a newspaper and make a ball of it. Make one more ball half in size. Attach both the balls with each other using glue and tape. Now stick cotton on the structure. Make one hat using some thick paper and glue it to the head. Add Bindis as eyes and an orange cone(again made from paper and colored) as nose. Finally add a ribbon for scarf and it is done.
Kids (more than 6yrs old) can do most of the work by themselves.


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Monday, November 14, 2011

Warli Obsession on Coasters

I am obsessed with Warli right now. I think of adding warli designs in one way or other to each and every work. Latest addition to the list is these coasters.

I got a set of six plain wooden coasters from Delhi Haat. Actually I was just about to leave them because trader was quoting too high price(they are china made) but hubby bought it for me.
We ('C' and I) painted them in different colours. Only two are complete as of now. Others are coloured but plain. I did this design with acrylic colours and gave a coat of  transparent varnish after drying.
I would use some wood paint on others because I feel that will give it more shine and texture. In fact I plan to repaint these also once I get wood paint. We have a dark rosewood colour dining table (seen here in Picture). Light colours suit it. So I've decided to go for Yellow, Orange and light Blue shades.
Tell me if you like these.........

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nuts are good for health

Winter is just around here in north. Markets are flooded with hot Peanuts. I remember my childhood days spent sitting in sun and eating lots of peanuts. I can not think of such leisure these days. But can always benefit from nuts by eating them every now and then.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Completed Girls's Top

Here is completed Top which I had talked about in this post.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Frizzy Hair.....gone in days

"Mumma, why your hair don't look neatly combed like mine"(Aapke bal bikhre kyun rehte hai, mere to nahi rahte). I was surprised at my six year old's observation. It was first time when he had said something about my appearance.

"In Rainy season my hair becomes frizzy and I can not make them look neat". He looked satisfied. Then suddenly, "Why don't you use something to make them look flat".

From here started my quest to remove frizzles. Here is me with my curly and frizzy hair:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peeling Vegetables and Fruits

All of us try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, courtesy heightened awareness about health benefits. But do we actually get all benefits? Almost all of us peel vegetables like potatoes, carrots, cucumbers etc. before eating (we do it out of habit) and throw away nutrients stashed in and below their rinds/peels.

Okay....we do it to remove pesticides lunging on them. But there are better ways to remove them. Washing them thoroughly by scrubbing under water or with some vegetable wash can do the same job and will maintain nutrients as well.