Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dressing up switch boards

Summer holidays are here and C is feeling hot. Generally he keeps busy doing stuff he loves (playing, watching TV) but sometimes gets bored for not being able to go out of house. It is soo hot here that I can not think of taking him out during day. Even evening breeze feels like coming out of some hot blower.

One such day we decided to do something crafty. I zeroed in on some thermocol craft since we had not done any thing this month (I submitted an old work). I wanted to do a mobile but could not cut proper shapes from thermocol which we had. C proposed a robot which can fly but i'm no tech geek so we settled down for a very simple robot.

Took a rectangular thermocol plate and cut one rectangle from it. Cut four other pieces from it for making hands and legs. Then this idea of transforming the swithboard popped up and we did a dry run by pasting all the pieces on the switch board and decided to keep it like that. Cut two more smaller pieces and made them its antenna. C painted them all by using black acrylic color mixed with white glue. Finally we pasted them on the board by using transparent tape. For mouth used a small piece from plate again. Eyes were made using thermocol balls. Here is the end result.

C is really happy about having a robot in the house. He proudly told his father and friend that buttons are making its body.

This is suitable for kids in the age group 7-10 years. Because it involves handling paper cutter and scissors.

I'm going to submit this to artsy-Craftsy. One day is left, gear up guys and submit what you have made.



  1. shalini, take a black sketch pen and trace the border of robot's stomach. :) This is real cute! :)

  2. Hi...came over from Shruti's blog. Your crafts are lovely!

  3. That is a great idea...thanks for your comment.. I used ceramic on plywood...

  4. Shruti: Thanks for your valuable comments.

    Hema: Thanks for dropping in.

  5. Patricia: Its great to see you visiting my blog.

    Swapna: Thank you swapna for letting me know.

  6. cute blog..enjoyed visiting ur blog...nice visit my blog and join in for the event


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