Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chubby Little Snowman

Chubby Little Snowman,
had a carrot nose.......

Recently Mr. Snowman visited our home and had his lunch. See how he sat:

'C' had to recite a rhyme in school and needed props for that. I made this chubby snowman with cotton, Newspaper and glue. Added a carrot nose and a hat with scarf (Its cold out here).........


All it took me was 30 mins. I made it all by myself. Conceptualized and then made. Have you ever tried making a snowman?

Edited: I've linked this post to Mindfull-meanderings's December Artsy-Craftsy.

Instructions: Take a newspaper and make a ball of it. Make one more ball half in size. Attach both the balls with each other using glue and tape. Now stick cotton on the structure. Make one hat using some thick paper and glue it to the head. Add Bindis as eyes and an orange cone(again made from paper and colored) as nose. Finally add a ribbon for scarf and it is done.
Kids (more than 6yrs old) can do most of the work by themselves.


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  1. very cuuuuute snow man.....nice idea....


  2. Seema, Emreen and Prasanthi: Thank you all for stopping by.

  3. lol thats so cute shalini, reminds us when we were in school and had to get creative during art & craft class :)

  4. Awww this is so pretty...... thanks for linking in at crafturday creative mess.

  5. Thank you Joel, Neelima for your comments.

  6. Shalini the snowman is adorable I love the hat and you have got his expression so sweet too!
    Thank You for the sweet comments on my pop up house.

  7. link to artsy-craftsy too.. hame bhool gaye kya?

  8. so cool and adorable!

    Can i have your mail id please, i need to contact you for having you as a guest in the Creative Bloggers Party & Hop that i will hosting for Asian region during the month of January 2012. Please mail me @ adithisamma@adithisammasews.com

  9. A big thank you for all the appreciation....makes me feel warm even in this cold weather:-)

  10. wow..really good one. I think people should go through it. Thank you for sharing.

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  11. Wow so cute. LOve this.



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