Monday, August 29, 2011

Story Telling

'C' had a story telling competition in school on Saturday. I found an easy (yes, because he had to memorize it) story here. Used puppets as props but problem was having a background for puppets. After toying with whole lot of ideas, decided to give him a background on a chart hanging from his neck. We made two fish and one picnic basket. 'C' painted a rock, shell, boot and sea weed which we pasted on the chart in a manner that top area of all of them was unpasted(red fish had to hide there).

Story goes like this 'Big blue fish is hungry and calling small red fish. Red fish is afraid that big fish will eat it so tries different places to hide, but every time big fish can see her tail. And finally while hiding inside the boot, red fish is unable to escape and comes to know that blue fish is having a picnic and want her to have picnic with her.'

Here is a pic:

(Cropped his face).


Linked to Colors Decor 'The Weekly Story'


  1. I like the idea of hanging the background from neck! Very cute and creative!

  2. @Neha, Kala: Thanks you for coming...

  3. Oh!! Wow!! Totally lved the idea of the background on his neck! So super cute :-)

  4. @Patricia: Thank you. You are so sweet.

  5. Lovely creation!


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