Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gift Box Decoration

'C' learnt Gift box packing and decoration for a school competition. Children had to pack a gift box and decorate it in class. He did practice at home and learn step by step method. I gave him a paper, Golden Ribbon (Gota), a fairy, star stickers for decoration and cello tape. He did fairly well in packing (teacher even asked if he had got it packed at home) and pasted all decoration nicely.

I made this fairy using nylon stocking and wires. I already had a small doll lying with me (of course recycled from a Rakhi). For added effect, added some flower petals in magenta color, two green leaves(though leaves are hardly visible) and stamens (used in flower making) with a ribbon and golden lace.Here is a closeup of fairy with petals. This was first time I tried using stockings to make things and found it quite easy and satisfying. I hope to continue this in future.

Here is side view of gift box which is actually empty from inside.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Experiments in Knitting: 2

Hope all of you lovely ladies (and gents) are doing good. Its been long since I posted here anything. There were many reasons and without going into that detail, I would prefer to show my new creation: A sweater for 'C'.

I had bought wool 2-3 years back and kid has grown since then, so you can easily notice I've used fur wool at some places. 
I had planned to use crochet and knitting together for this. After two strips of crochet in front, I got bored of slow process. So crochet strips are in front only (Originally I had planned them for sleeves also).

Overall, I'm happy with whole look. 'C'  wanted '' on it (kids latest obsession). I tried but ended up writing 'Gone'. Does not matter as he is happy with this ''. And I'm happy with his liking for his new sweater.