About me

Hi there!! I'm Shalini. A creativity freak, I love crafts ranging from sewing, embroidery, tatting, crochet to papermache and even recycling. 

I created this blog in 2009 to chronicle my creations and passions. This blog helped me connect with other bloggers with my kind of passions. I got introduced to newer crafts and this widened my horizon. I thank all of those who gave me opportunities to see and appreciate their work.

I feel creativity can not be developed, it is part of a person from birth. I was always crafty but it was my mother who introduced and taught me different craft forms. Slowly sewing became my most loved craft form and now it helps me keep sane :-).

My 8-years old son is also interested in crafts. Most of my earlier creations were done with his help or for his school activities but now, him having grown up a bit, I am on my own since he is more into his activities. Still, I can see him making toys from paper/matchsticks/any trash and proudly showcasing them to his friends, so I feel he has this craft bug and one day will turn to it again.

You can connect to me at my facebook page craftisland.


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