Monday, September 19, 2011

Papermache Babushka doll

We (me and 'C') had made a papermache babushka doll long time back but somehow did not post it.
Here it is:

Used a balloon as base for papermache and added one cardboard ring as the bottom to let it stand. Though I could not draw nice features ('C' says it looks somewhat angry), we still love it.


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  1. It is so beautiful Shalini
    I made a card looking like this recently. Here is the link:

  2. I really love the doll - what a good job you did! New gfc follower, saw you on linky party, Karima :)

  3. @ Dr. Sonia: Thank you. I saw your doll card. Its really good.

    @Karima: Thanks for dropping here and following.

  4. oh my gosh!! Shalini.. super duper cute!! Thank you for linking in this week.. I've got a huge smile on my face.. :-) Hope to see you again next week..

    Love the colours you've used on that doll... :-)

    Have a lovely week ahead.. of you!!


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