Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Other Passion........

I am not a good cook, just manage to cook for the sake of my foodie family. Many fellow bloggers were of great help in this. Hundreds of  times I have opened their pages to go through their version of recipes.

I am not a foodie, in fact a very bad eater. I can eat anything without taste also(my hubby's version).

I started this blog to share my passion for crafts with all of you. Earlier I use to be lazy and did not give much importance to my creations because creating them was part of my existence. Very recently I've started to take it seriously and am trying to post most of the things I create.

By now you all must be wondering...............what is it with all this ranting. Well, I shared one of my passion but did not share my passion for healthy and nutritious food. I like to cook healthy food and in healthy manner. Few days back while searching for some cooking methods, I came across many things which I did not know or follow (ignorant me!!!). This got me started. I decided to store them somewhere and what better way than to have it on my blog.

From today onwards, every Thursday, I'll be posting some healthy cooking tip/method/blah blah on this blog. I know you must be knowing them already. So, your expert comments are welcome and I'd love to read them and improve my cooking ways.

Today I'm starting with a recent fade; I have suddenly seen a spurt in number of pro-biotic food items available off the shelves. Everybody is suddenly adding one bottle in their daily diet. Mothers are happy to feed their kids one of these products because they enhance immunity. Very true. They improve our immunity,  but we were always using the benefits of bacterias(pro-biotics). A very simple example is: Curd.

Now I come to the point: How does they help in improving our health and what all we can eat for this.

A good and natural way to introduce pro-biotics in food is fermentation. Some benefits of fermentation are:
  • Increases the taste and flavours.
  • Increases antibodies which fight with infections.
  • In case of curd, fermentation converts lactose of milk to lactic acid, which is easily digestible by our body.
  • Some fermentations improve antioxidants in food and we all know their benefits.
  • Fermentation improves essential vitamins, nutrients in food and even generates new nutrients. E.g. When we ferment dough, its vitamin B content improves drastically.
  • Bacterias form a natural shield in our intestine and thus inhibit pathogen growth inside.

I prefer Curd, home made Bread, Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Dhokla and sometimes Bhature etc. to add bacterias in my cooking than gulping down a bottle of probiotic.

Hope you find this information useful.


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  1. This is very good take dear. I now understand your pressing me to have 'chach' everyday. By the way I stand corrected on my comment on your 'lack of taste buds' since that was not a literal take. I also know that you are one of those fantastic cooks who can combine taste with nutrition e.g. adding soya flakes in our own 'tikla' / 'swali'.

    My best wishes for continuing your experimentation.

  2. Lovely post.. You sound a lot like me.. I cant cook to save my life.. and am in awe of people who post such stunning recipes and gorgeous.. pics of stuff they've made.. :-)

    Yes.. lovely to see you posting your crafts again.. :-) and I loved the information on fermentation.. :-)

  3. @Patricia: Thanks for encouraging words.


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