Friday, November 27, 2009

Slippers Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for slippers I had posted earlier.
This time I've used wool felt from an old shawl(wrap/stole) as the top and denim cloth for back. I did not use any wadding because both materials are quite thick and extra layering is not required. In earlier version I had used foam as wadding because top cloth was very light.

Step 1: Draw shape of  feet on a paper and then cut it leaving some margins.(Make slipper slightly bigger than actual size).


Step 2: Now put shape on paper and draw a semicircle like below picture. Semicircle is not a complete semicircle. Right and left sides are slightly different. Please do take care to cut like this otherwise it will not fit properly on other layers. I've specified right sides of both shapes. Please notice these shapes are for left foot. Go through similar process for right foot or invert shapes while cutting cloth. Cut this shape also.

Step 3: Cut cloth for top and bottom layers. (Remember to use two paper shapes for both legs otherwise both slippers will be of same foot). Here I'm showing bottom cloth cutting.

Step 4: Similar to step 3, cut cloth for semicircular shapes. These shapes are also for both feet.


Step5: Now sew all three cuttings as shown. Attach right side of semicircle with right side of other layers. Semicircular shape will need some adjustment according to top layer.

Step 6: Attach border(edging) keeping bigger margin for back side.


Step 7: Now sew on back side by folding inside.

Slippers are ready. Decorate them by your imagination.

(Please overlook printed paper. I always recycle used papers.)



  1. I landed here from ur comment on my wall art (two little birds) :)

    btw... this is very innovative.. wow.. will try out definitely :)

  2. Thanks Vineeta, its great to be in contact with like minded people.

  3. This is is truly innovative and takes time and patience as well..

    Deepa Raman

  4. Hi Shalini,

    Thanks for your comments... I like your blog..right up my alley :) great tutorial....

  5. Thanks Deepa and Swapna for these good words.

  6. wow,good shalini.innovative idea.I just accidentally came to your blog.nice blog.


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