Thursday, October 22, 2009

Diwali Celebrations

Stitched this kurta and dhoti for Shreyash. Used left over material from one of my kurtas. Though neckline was a bit bigger for him, he was happy with his dress. He wore it for Lakshmi poojan. I had asked him not to run around because stitched dhoti does not allow it and he happily complied.

I did this Rangoli outside my door for diwali. Also added diyas painted by Shreyash. It came out very well. Hopefully You all would like it.



  1. oh wow!!! very pretty... I'm not that good at making rangolis.. but I do try!!

    I cant wait to see more posts from you.. Welcome to the blogging family!

  2. Thanks Patricia. I made part of it by hand drawing and part by stencils, so can not say I'm really good at rangoli but I like to try just like you.


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