Friday, September 27, 2013

Handpainted chopra/roli-chawal stand

I had purchased few particle board shapes and a conch shaped chopra, on my last craft supply shopping spree, without really giving it a thought what I actually wanted to do with them (I know sometimes we crafters really gets greedy hoarding stuff).
Out of boredom, I picked up this chopra day before yesterday and decided to paint it.
I felt like doing marwari mehendi style painting and It was all done with free hand painting. Here is the outcome:

Felt happy after doing this (I know how much crafting does for our mood). I've listed it on my shop on and also on my facebook page

How do you find it? Please share your feedback.


  1. Interesting....good work! :)

  2. It`s beautiful ! And right in time for the festive season ahead .


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