Monday, July 29, 2013

Handmade Rakhis

Raksha Bandhan is falling in August this year. Every year I plan for sending handmade rakhis but could never do it except for few rakhis which I made 2-3 years back (and yes, I did not post them here). This year I wanted to do it and started well in advance. 

I looked for resham thread but could not locate shop for buying it in Pune, so finally settled on Synthetic moli (red-yellow thread used in pooja). Made few with moli using pom-pom making technique and then flattened them. Added embellishments and attached a red colored synthetic dori for tying.(sorry for real bad pictures, these were taken from my mobile camera).

Later I decided to use crochet and tatting for rakhi making. Here are crocheted rakhis with golden and cream colored synthetic dori.

In Rajasthan, rakhi is sent for brother's wife also. This is called loomba, it dangles from girl's bangles instead of being tied on wrist. I made one loomba Rakhi also.

Few more are waiting to be finished. I hope, recipients of these rakhis like them. What do you think, do send your views.



  1. Very very beautiful Shalini.

  2. Lovely Rakhis...I like the loomba one too.Nice work

  3. Those are such lovely Rakhi's!! Liked loomba rakhi very much :)

  4. The recipients of the Rakhi's definitely love them since they are handmade and lovely...

  5. Lovely Rakhi`s It`s sure to make a brother proud and flaunt it !

  6. Beautiful ones. I really liked the creativity


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