Friday, November 4, 2011

Frizzy Hair.....gone in days

"Mumma, why your hair don't look neatly combed like mine"(Aapke bal bikhre kyun rehte hai, mere to nahi rahte). I was surprised at my six year old's observation. It was first time when he had said something about my appearance.

"In Rainy season my hair becomes frizzy and I can not make them look neat". He looked satisfied. Then suddenly, "Why don't you use something to make them look flat".

From here started my quest to remove frizzles. Here is me with my curly and frizzy hair:

Bought a conditioner for dry hair from nearby store and used it for few days (in fact weeks). Though it smoothed my hair for first day of washing, next day they were back to square one.

I saw Dove oil care range on Indiblogger and filled the form to get the hamper. Package arrived within 20 days and now I'm using it regularly (though not everyday, i use it every alternate day). Change is visible in only 20 days. You can see the difference yourself:

Now I have shiny and less frizzy hair. And its possible to leave them open or keep in a ponytail which was impossible earlier.

And I have a happy son now, sitting beside me....smiling at my hair.


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