Thursday, October 20, 2011


"Having sprouts is good for health and it must be included in our daily diets"
So many of us must have heard this either from grandma or a doctor. But how it happens actually. What difference does sprouting create in that moong dal?

Sprouting is nothing but germination of a seed. When a seed starts germinating, all its complex compounds are broken down in to simpler compounds by enzyme actions. These simple compounds helps plant to grow. Similarly when we germinate seeds for eating, we get to eat simpler and easily digestible produce.

Sprouted seeds have higher content of water, simpler proteins, Vitamins(especially B), essential fats and fibre. At the same time they have lesser carbs. Phytic acid and Protease inhibitors content is also reduced due to sprouting.

Though germinate seeds sounds very easy but some precautions are required:
  • Water used must be clean, drinking water.
  • Seeds must be washed before soaking.
  • During sprouting, we must wash the seeds at least once a day.
  • Seeds must be intended for human consumption, not for growing crops.
  • Sprouts should not be allowed to dry.
  • Sprouted seeds should not be left in water.
  • Utensils used must be clean.
Happy Sprouting........


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